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Big Green Society: Creating cleaner, greener neighbourhoods in a time of austerity
[Dec 7, 2011, by Dominic Rustecki, in eGov monitor]
Councils can ‘nudge’ communities into creating cleaner, greener neighbourhoods, including how to tackle ice and snow during the winter months argues Dominic Rustecki from Localis.

Thinktank to examine shared chief model
[Dec 1, 2011, by Ruth Keeling, Local Government Chronicle]
Research has been commissioned into the success of shared chief executives as the number of new appointments tails off.

Council's 'Big Green Society' drive homes in on waste and litter
[Nov 28, 2011, by Maxine Perella, edie newsroom]
A London council is calling on the public to take greater responsibility for the waste and litter they generate using principles behind the Government's Big Society plan.

Enable rather than enforce waste strategies, councils told
[Nov 25, 2011, by Neil Roberts, Materials Recycling Week]
Local authorities should use ‘nudge’ strategies to change public behaviour towards waste management according to a new report.

District Nurses
[Nov 8, 2011, by Colin Marrs, Planning Magazine]
The communities that are piloting the government's flagship neighbourhood planning policy are getting stuck into their work. Colin Marrs reports on how three very different initiatives are progressing.

PluggedIN: Planning at neighbourhood level
[Nov 8, 2011, by Alex Thomson, in the MJ]
Whilst national media coverage has focused on the National Planning Policy Framework, the local government community has due cause to cast its eyes to the lowest, rather than highest, rung of our future planning system.

LEPs to share £500m for infrastructure development
[Nov 8, 2011, by Nick Mann, Public Finance]
The government has today announced how it plans to share out a £500m funding pot for infrastructure projects that will encourage economic growth. The Growing Places Fund will be made available to the 38 Local Enterprise Partnerships...

Localism gives people the chance to make real changes
[Oct 28, 2011, by Alex Thomson, in the Times]
Planning is a Krakatoa policy. For years it lies dormant with only the barest murmur on the political seismograph, and then it erupts. And this summer it has certainly erupted - it cannot have escaped the attention of even the most cursory of newspaper readers that planning has been...

Planning and the Big Society
[Oct 25, 2011, by Richard Carr]
As one of two groups (the other being a neighbourhood forum) able to develop a neighbourhood plan, parish councils will have a vital role to play once the Localism Bill is enacted.

Localis respond to NNDR consultation
[Oct 24, 2011, by Localis]
We at Localis have long been active in arguing for a new system of National Non-Domestic Rates, and are delighted to be feeding into this consultation. A reformed NNDR, we believe, can form a vital cog in any growth strategy for the coming years – driving improved economic performance...

The Icing on the Community Cake
[Oct 20, 2011, by Alex Thomson, in the MJ]
The Big Society means different things to different people. Many stress its civic activism, others the 'nudges' the Government may have to make to facilitate its successful execution while some have concentrated on how it will play out in times of constrained financial circumstance.

Strategic Commissioning Is The Future
[Oct 12, 2011, by Alex Thomson, on eGov monitor]
A vast majority of councils in England and Wales are looking at the strategic commissioning approach - its not just outsourcing - but an opportunity to support the third sector and cooperatives.

Community ownership must be the focus of Miliband’s Labour
[Oct 10, 2011, by Richard Carr, on Left Foot Forward]
Consensus is building that Labour needs a policy hook beyond “too far, too fast.” It is clear what they are against – be it perceived excessive privatisation of the NHS, swingeing spending cuts across the board, and specific reforms in areas from pensions to planning – but not yet clear what they...

Pledging support
[Oct 6, 2011, by Alex Thomson, in the Ethos Journal]
I could not choose a ‘best’ example of localism in action from across the UK – there are so many – but the London Borough of Barnet’s PledgeBank is as good as any.

Neighbourhood planning 'is not for Nimbys'
[Oct 6, 2011, by Mark Smulian, Public Finance]
In a report published today, Localis argues that neighbourhood plans could deliver a more positive attitude to planning from all involved. It says local authorities must act as ‘honest brokers’ between developers and residents and provide an overarching strategic vision for growth.

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