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Treasury-bound Clark keeps cities role in DCLG sweep
[Sep 6, 2012, by Dominic Browne, The MJ]
Localis chief executive Alex Thomson says that the decision not to move Eric Pickles in this week's reshuffle shows that the Government is still committed to its localism agenda.

Live discussion: what makes a good council chief executive?
[Sep 5, 2012, by The Guardian, Local Government Network ]
Senior Policy Officer at Localis, Steven Howell, will participate in a Guardian online debate about how the role of the local government chief executive is changing. Tune in at 12-2pm on Wednesday 5 September.

Live discussion: how can housing boost the economy?
[Sep 3, 2012, by The Guardian, Housing Network ]
Senior Policy Officer at Localis, Steven Howell, took part in a Guardian online debate on Monday 3rd September about how housing can boost the economy and how investment in house building might best be unlocked.

Rate yields rise 9.1% but expose regional diversity
[Aug 22, 2012, by Jonathan Werran, The MJ]
Alex Thomson, chief executive at Localis, argues that councils should be given a real incentive to pursue economic growth in light of recent figures showing regional disparities in business rates yields.

Councils never more closely tied to promoting economic growth
[Aug 14, 2012, by Steven Howell, Localis, in The Guardian Local Government Network ]
Council leaders and chief executives are looking more than ever at designing services around economic growth. Steven Howell reports on a recent thinktank debate

Axe DWP and pass control to town halls, say chiefs
[Aug 9, 2012, by The MJ]
Council chiefs have suggested the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) should be abolished and its responsibilities devolved locally, The MJ can reveal.

Councils turn to sponsors for cash
[Aug 8, 2012, by Jim Pickard, Financial Times]
Localis points out that local authorities are becoming more entrepreneurial at a time of unprecedented financial challenge, as the FT investigates how councils are increasingly looking towards corporate sponsorship for income.

Money can't buy you community regeneration, so what next?
[Jul 27, 2012, by Steven Howell, Localis, in the Guardian Local Government Network]
Thinktank Localis concludes that local leadership and community action are the best ways to spark regeneration

The need for local government to prove itself
[Jul 25, 2012, by Steven Howell, Localis, in The MJ ]
What does local government need to do in order to prove itself?

The £17bn headache
[Jun 27, 2012, by Jonathan Werran and Dominic Browne, The MJ]
Localis' Alex Thomson argues for a shift of funding from acute to preventative care, as a recent LGA report exposes a £16.5bn shortfall in local authority funding by 2020.

Ambitious regeneration plans in Southwark
[Jun 20, 2012, by Cllr Peter John, Southwark Council, in the Guardian Local Government Network]
Cllr Peter John takes a whistle stop tour of regeneration in Southwark. Grow your own way, a new report from think-tank Localis looks at local approaches to regeneration and includes a case study on Southwark.

PluggedIN: The quality of leadership in the public sector
[Jun 13, 2012, by Alex Thomson, Localis, in the MJ]
Alex Thomson writes about the MJ's Future Forum, the scale of the challenge faced by the sector over coming years and the quality of public sector leadership.

Regeneration in practice: lessons from Manchester
[Jun 6, 2012, by John Holden, in the Guardian Local Government Network]
Creating a combined authority covering the whole economic area of Greater Manchester will help the city to recover faster from recession. Grow your own way, a new report from think-tank Localis looks at local approaches to regeneration and includes a case study on Greater Manchester.

We need a local approach to regeneration
[May 28, 2012, by Alex Thomson, the Guardian Public Leaders Network]
It's not an easy time for anyone right now, but spare a thought for council leaders. Faced with the biggest share of cuts in the 2010 spending review, local governments can see the writing on the wall.

Localism: LGA and Localis argue for locally driven growth
[May 24, 2012, by the Information Daily]
The Local Government Association (LGA) has partnered with the think-tank Localis to launch a report arguing for a locally driven regeneration scheme. The report uses several case studies of successful regeneration schemes around the UK.

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  • "Localis is fast gaining a reputation for pre-empting the localist agenda, producing thought provoking research and practical policy ideas"Anthony Seldon, author and political commentator
  • "Localis’ commitment to decentralisation crosses party boundaries, and their research illuminates policy problems with new practical thinking"Prof George Jones, LSE
  • "Localis offers a great blend of a passion for innovation, grounded practical ideas and unswerving belief in the possibilities of local governance"Derek Myers, Chief Executive, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


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