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Jack Airey writes for LGC on the role of enterprise in local government
[Mar 19, 2015, by Jack Airey, Localis]
Localis' Jack Airey writes in LGC on the growing role of municipal enterprise in supporting local government finances.

The future of LEPs with Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Clive Betts MP and more
[Feb 12, 2015, by Localis]
Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, Minister for Government Policy, will be speaking at the launch of our new report on the future of Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Alex Thomson speaking on BBC Radio Kent
[Feb 4, 2015, by Localis]
Localis' chief executive, Alex Thomson, spoke to BBC Radio Kent on Compulsory Purchase Orders.

Jack Airey writes on the need to reassess how we use public land
[Jan 28, 2015, by Jack Airey, Localis]
Localis' Jack Airey writes in PBC Today on the need for central and local government to reassess their approaches to public land.

Bring information into the 21st century, says Pickles
[Dec 23, 2014, by Heather Jameson, The MJ]
Statutory notices need to shift into the 21st Century, according to communities secretary Eric Pickles.

Local government shake-up: British cities seek to raise own taxes and go it alone
[Dec 22, 2014, by Hannah Fearn, The Independent]
Some of Britain's biggest cities are attempting to escape from government control, using widespread public interest in devolution to launch their own bid for freedom, following the referendum on Scottish independence and as part of a nationwide shake-up of local government.

CIPFA finds councils face 6% cut in spending power
[Dec 19, 2014, by Richard Johnstone, Public Finance]
Councils face a 6% cut in spending power next year once ring-fenced funds and pooled resources are excluded from the Local Government Finance Settlement, an analysis by CIPFA has found.

Council staffing continues to decline but NHS increases
[Dec 17, 2014, by Michael Burton, The MJ]
The number of local government employees has fallen by 33,000 since last year while NHS staff numbers are up by 20,000 over the same period, according to figures published today by the Office for National Statistics.

Force councils to adopt local plans, CLG committee demands
[Dec 16, 2014, by Jonathan Werran, The MJ]
Government planning reforms should be amended to tackle anxieties about inappropriate and unsustainable development, a panel of MPs has urged.

LGA's bonds agency given green light
[Dec 15, 2014, by Dan Peters, The MJ]
Plans for the UK’s first municipal bonds agency have been given the green light to enter the launch phase.

Sheffield wins devolution deal
[Dec 12, 2014, by David Paine, LGC]
The Sheffield city region has won a devolution deal that includes greater powers over transport, skills and housing, without the imposition of a directly elected mayor.

Just one in four expect to reject tax freeze funding
[Dec 11, 2014, by Kaye Wiggins, LGC]
Only a quarter of councils’ most senior staff believe their authority will defy the government by putting up council tax next year, LGC research indicates.

Next five years to see higher-than-expected cuts
[Dec 10, 2014, by Kaye Wiggins, LGC]
Council spending is set to be over 4% lower than previously projected in both 2016-17 and the following two years, it has emerged, after George Osborne heralded “colossal” spending cuts.

Powers sought to break up betting shop clusters
[Dec 9, 2014, by Mark Smulian, LGC]
Councils need tougher powers to crack down on the proliferation of betting shops, the LGA has said.

Recycling could fall for first time this century
[Dec 8, 2014, by Corin Williams, LGC]
Local authority budget cuts and new recycling standards could lead to a reduction in England’s recycling rates for the first time this century.

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