Collaboration from the bottom-up

This project looks at how local government can come together both within the sector and without to form stable collaborations around issues which cross administrative boundaries. It explores the barriers to them doing so, and provides an alternative approach to the top-down approaches of the past.

The local offer: what should the Lib Dems offer on devolution in their manifesto?
[False, Feb 17, 2015]
Debate on what the Liberal Democrat Party should offer on devolution in its 2015 General Election manifesto.

Guardian live debate: How councils can put schools at the heart of the community
[False, Apr 17, 2014]
Peter Wilkes, researcher for Localis, participated in a Guardian Local Leaders live discussion on how councils can put schools at the heart of their communities

How councils can put schools at the heart of the community – live debate
[False, Apr 17, 2013]
Localis' Steven Howell took part in a Guardian Local Leaders live discussion on how local authorities in the poorest areas can cope with cutbacks.

PluggedIN: Bordering on the irrelevant
[False, Feb 1, 2013]
As the current prime minister of India, Manmohan Singh, once remarked: 'Borders cannot be redrawn, but we can work towards making them irrelevant — towards making them just lines on a map.'

What lies in store for local government in 2013?
[False, Jan 9, 2013]
Social care and housing will dominate the agenda and public health will show government what authorities can do

Is Eric going off parish councils?
[False, Dec 11, 2012]
The Editorial Director of the MJ referenced a Localis roundtable he attended in his recent piece on parish councils.

Will the Government's localism agenda empower communities?
[False, Dec 10, 2012]
Localis, in association with NALC, held a private roundtable which discussed the future of the Government's localism agenda

Councils 'becoming more receptive to collaborative working'
[False, Sep 17, 2012]
Local councils are set to revolutionise their operations with a more open approach to collaboration, according to a leading thinktank.

PluggedIn: The enriching power of learning for local communities
[False, May 1, 2012]
The prime minister David Cameron once famously entreated the British public to 'hug a hoodie'. Now employment minister, Chris Grayling, has suggested that hoodies should be offered not just love but jobs as well, urging employers to look beyond...

Just Whistle
[, Jan 22, 2010]
This week, the Localis think-tank launched Bold steps for radical reform, a robust attack on quangocracy by Kent County Council leader Paul Carter. Shadow local government minister Bob Neill ‘strongly endorsed’ the report’s thinking, which is being discussed at shadow Cabinet level

Localis cited in new report
[, Jan 20, 2010]
Localis was cited in the new report, 'Bold Steps for Radical Reform, from Kent County Council. The report, launched on 19th January shows how substantial savings of public money can be delivered

Bold Steps for Radical Reform - Report Launch
[, Jan 19, 2010]
Launch of Paul Carter's new report. Hosted by: Localis & Kent County Council. Venue: St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square. Date & Time: 5.00pm Tuesday 19th January

More radical localism needed
[, Oct 9, 2009]
Policy Exchange and Localis released their report, Can localism deliver?, at the Conservative conference on October 7. It focused on the City Region Partnership project, currently being piloted in Greater Manchester, which grants additional powers to groups of councils that pool their resources on s

Breaking down big government
[, Oct 9, 2009]
Two things that were not mentioned consecutively in David Cameron’s speech to the party conference yesterday were the words ‘local’ and ‘government’. Instead, he spoke at length about the need for people to take more individual responsibility, the destruction of ‘big government’ and about providing

Localis urges greater city powers
[, Oct 7, 2009]
Major British cities, such as Manchester, should be given more freedom and powers, according to a new report from Localis and Policy Exchange. The report concludes that the current centralised performance regime - resulting in ‘earned’ powers for cities - prevents local strategic aims being achieve

Localism can set the people free
[, Oct 7, 2009]
The report ‘Can Localism Deliver’, published today by Localis and Policy Exchange, is an important contribution to the debate on city regions. It is vital that policymakers take into account the lessons learnt from Manchester if we are to move forward into a new era of localism.

Can Localism Deliver?
[, Oct 7, 2009]
Major cities across the UK, such as Manchester, need to be given more freedom and powers, according to a new report from Localis and Policy Exchange. The report finds that the current centralised performance regime – resulting in ‘earned’ powers for cities - prevents local strategic aims being achi

Conservative Conference: Can Localism Deliver?
[, Oct 7, 2009]
Novotel Hotel, Manchester 12.30pm

Press Release: Cities need more freedoms
[, Oct 6, 2009]
Major cities across the UK, such as Manchester, need to be given more freedom and powers, according to a new report from Localis and Policy Exchange. The report finds that the current centralised performance regime – resulting in ‘earned’ powers for cities - prevents local strategic aims being achi

The Future of the Regions
[, Sep 8, 2009]
This is a note following a roundtable discussion hosted by Localis and Kent County Council looking into developing a revised structure and format for regional governance. Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council, introduced and concluded the session, with a wide ranging discussion in between.

Future of the Regions
[, Jun 23, 2009]

Across the Border
[, Feb 20, 2009]
Looking into how to get Local Authorities to work better together across the tiers and across the borders to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

Across the Border
[, Feb 20, 2009]
Looking into how to get Local Authorities to work better together across the tiers and across the borders to deliver services more efficiently and effectively.

Breaking up Britain? The Future of Regional Governance
[, Sep 30, 2008]
We held an event during the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham looking into the future of regional government, analysing in particular the RDAs

Local government challenges
[, Sep 9, 2008]
Tom Shakespeare, research fellow for Localis, gives an analysis of the future direction of local government

The spread of innovation between local authorities: the London experience
[, Jul 2, 2008]
Merrick Cockell, Chair of London Councils delivers a speech at Localis fringe reception at the LGA Conference on 'The spread of innovation between local authorities'

The future of regional governance
[, Jul 1, 2008]
London Funders comments on our Research Note - 'The Future of Regional Governance'

Government ‘should put stop to RDA plans’
[, Jun 5, 2008]
Public Servant writes in regard to our recent Research Note, 'The Future for Regional Governance'.

The Future of Regional Governance
[, Jun 3, 2008]

The Future of Regional Governance
[False, Jun 3, 2008]
This research note suggests that the Government’s case for RDAs is based on little or no evidence, and that the current Sub-National Review does not go far enough to devolve power to from the regional tier to councils.

Related Local Government News Articles

Recycling could fall for first time this century
[False, Dec 8, 2014]
Local authority budget cuts and new recycling standards could lead to a reduction in England’s recycling rates for the first time this century.

Government has 'sold enough spare land for 89,500 homes'
[False, Nov 28, 2014]
The government has disposed of enough surplus land across its departments to support 89,500 new homes.

Stop concentration of betting shops on high streets, say local authorities
[False, Nov 27, 2014]
Move against ‘unregulated casino-style gambling’ comes from 93 boroughs, with call to reduce stakes on fixed-odds terminals.

Co-production could save billions, says choice guru
[False, May 21, 2014]
Involving users in public service delivery could unlock billions of pounds in savings, a report by the government’s reviewer of public service choice has concluded.

Manchester city region gets backing
[, Mar 29, 2010]
The Greater Manchester city region is to go ahead after the last wavering council, Stockport MBC, came on board. The city region project suffered a blow earlier this month when Stockport and Trafford MBCs abstained on its creation.Trafford later decided to join

Neill signs up to Carter plan 'ideas'
[, Jan 20, 2010]
Shadow local government minister Bob Neill said it was a “timely document that flags up a lot of things that a Conservative government needs to address” but stopped short of a making concrete any pledges.

Carter sets out county devolution plan
[, Jan 7, 2010]
Kent CC’s leader is to launch a radical drive to convince the Conservative leadership to devolve power to sub-regions based on traditional county boundaries

Business fears loss of RDAs
[, Nov 23, 2009]
Plans to strip England’s regional development agencies of powers have prompted a backlash from business groups, which warn that a gap in regional development must not be allowed to develop.

Council leader slams RDA
[, Sep 22, 2009]
The Liberal Democrat leader of Liverpool City Council has dismissed the North West Development Agency as another “money-wasting bureaucracy”. Speaking at a fringe meeting at the party’s Bournemouth conference, Warren Bradley backed party plans to axe all regional development agencies to save £2.3 b

Two councils to share managers
[, Sep 21, 2009]
Bromsgrove DC and Redditch BC have agreed to create a shared management team led by Kevin Dicks and move to shared services. This comes a year after Mr Dicks, Bromsgrove’s chief since 2006, also took on the acting chief’s role at Redditch.

Total Place in Leicester
[, Sep 18, 2009]
Today presenter Justin Webb visits Leicester, where the Total Place pilot scheme is giving local authorities the chance to take over the delivery of services.

New powers for councils
[, Sep 9, 2009]
Councils in North Kent, the West Midlands and the West of England are today being given new freedoms and powers to work together to improve employment, skills, housing and transport in their regions, announced Communities Secretary John Denham.

Limited window to address two-tier structure
[, Aug 13, 2009]
Councils in county areas have a “limited window of opportunity” to prove to a Conservative government they can make the two-tier structure work, a prominent Tory leader has claimed.

Economic focus for regions
[, Aug 13, 2009]
New regional strategies might have to place a greater emphasis on economic development as a result of the recession, experts have said. Guidance on the drafting of the strategies, which will amalgamate the current regional spatial and economic strategies, was published by the Departments for Commun

New consultation on Regional Strategies
[, Aug 6, 2009]
Proposals on how regions should prepare new style Regional Strategies and new Local Authority Leaders Boards were published today for consultation by Local Government Minister Rosie Winterton.

Transfer powers from quangos
[, Aug 4, 2009]
The Conservative leader of Kent county council, Paul Carter, is working with other south-east county leaders on plans for a transfer of responsibility from quangos, such as the Regional Development Agencies

Labgi growth fund details revealed
[, Jul 30, 2009]
The government has unveiled details of the sub-regions into which councils will be grouped to receive money from its flagship economic growth programme.

Is time running out for the Barnett Formula?
[, Jul 23, 2009]
A Lords inquiry has issued the latest in a series of official reports calling for the scrapping of the controversial 30-year-old funding mechanism for the UK nations. But replacing it will not be easy.

Manchester heads council revolution
[, Jul 23, 2009]
Alistair Darling, chancellor, named Manchester and Leeds in the Budget as “pilot” city regions that could negotiate for devolved powers from the government. This week John Denham, communities secretary, heralded “the biggest single transfer of power to local government in a generation” as he outline

RIEPs may have to rethink plans
[, Jul 9, 2009]
Regional improvement and efficiency partnerships (RIEPs) could be forced to review their plans after being told to focus more on capital expenditure programmes.

Cameron calls for RDAs to be abolished
[, Jun 11, 2009]
Responding to Government plans to move forward with constitutional renewal, the Conservative leader David Cameron called on Mr Brown to abolish regional development agencies.

Business uneasy about Manchester city region
[, May 28, 2009]
Len Collinson, leader of Private Sector Partners which represents 100,000 firms in the region, said the government’s decision to put the partnership between 10 Greater Manchester authorities on a statutory footing, “risked undermining 10 years’ hard work on the north-west region’s economy”

Counties assess collaboration
[, May 21, 2009]
Councils not included in the government’s ‘Total Place’ initiative are moving ahead with their own plans to assess the potential benefits of cross-public sector collaboration.

Council shake-up affects millions
[, Apr 1, 2009]
Millions of people in seven English counties now come under new council areas.

New revolt over 'Spy in the Sky' tolls
[, Jan 14, 2009]
Controversial trials of spy-in-the-sky road pricing were dealt a fresh blow yesterday when a council refused to take part in the scheme.

Councils left to do Whitehall's inequality work
[, May 14, 2008]
A week after announcing a new inequality Bill, statistics show that inequality over the last 12 years has risen to its widest level since records began, despite the efforts of central government to reduce inequality.

  • "Localis is fast gaining a reputation for pre-empting the localist agenda, producing thought provoking research and practical policy ideas"Anthony Seldon, author and political commentator
  • "Localis’ commitment to decentralisation crosses party boundaries, and their research illuminates policy problems with new practical thinking"Prof George Jones, LSE
  • "Localis offers a great blend of a passion for innovation, grounded practical ideas and unswerving belief in the possibilities of local governance"Derek Myers, Chief Executive, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea


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