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CIPFA finds councils face 6% cut in spending power

Dec 19, 2014 by: Richard Johnstone, Public Finance

Councils face a 6% cut in spending power next year once ring-fenced funds and pooled resources are excluded from the Local Government Finance Settlement, an analysis by CIPFA ...

Council staffing continues to decline but NHS increases

Dec 17, 2014 by: Michael Burton, The MJ

The number of local government employees has fallen by 33,000 since last year while NHS staff numbers are up by 20,000 over the same period, according to figures published tod...

Force councils to adopt local plans, CLG committee demands

Dec 16, 2014 by: Jonathan Werran, The MJ

Government planning reforms should be amended to tackle anxieties about inappropriate and unsustainable development, a panel of MPs has urged....

LGA's bonds agency given green light

Dec 15, 2014 by: Dan Peters, The MJ

Plans for the UKs first municipal bonds agency have been given the green light to enter the launch phase....

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