Schools best places to boost young people’s mental fitness

Schools best places to boost young people’s mental fitness

In response to today’s announcement that 100,000 teenagers will receive mental health training to help them cope with exam pressure and build up their self-esteem, Localis chief executive, Liam Booth-Smith, said: “There needs to be a better focus on addressing the challenges that young people face in their mental wellbeing or, as we prefer, mental fitness.

“And schools should naturally play a greater role in tackling young people’s mental health because they are cost-effective and close to a young person’s everyday life.

“Localis analysis shows 75% of local mental health plans mention school-based approaches – 40% of those plans refer specifically to school-based counselling.

“However, when you get into the detail, a mere 3% actually plan to commission school-based services. An effective mental health system for young people is hard to envisage without widescale school-based services.

“Moving ahead, the Government should implement the Carter review’s recommendation that teacher training include a mandatory module on mental health. It should also be bold and take a percentage of the pupil premium and mandate that it is used for the provision of mental health support in schools.”