Two councils to share managers

Bromsgrove DC and Redditch BC have agreed to create a shared management team led by Kevin Dicks and move to shared services.

This comes a year after Mr Dicks, Bromsgrove’s chief since 2006, also took on the acting chief’s role at Redditch.

Both councils said there would be ?a reduction in the number of posts which currently make up the management teams?.

They expect a œ1.2m initial saving and then an annual saving of œ500,000.

Redditch leader Carole Gandy (Con) said consultants had suggested even higher savings could be achieved ?but we wanted to be sure that we had the capacity to deliver good services throughout both councils?.

Bromsgrove leader Roger Hollingworth (Con) said: ?With cuts in funding from central government and ever increasing demands on local authorities on service provision, shared services will put us in a stronger position to continue to deliver local, value for money services for customers.

?I can’t emphasise enough that these moves are not about political merger.?

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