Manifest Destiny

A localist guide to party pledges in the 2019 general election

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As the winter election of 2019 approaches approaches amidst a blizzard of promises and debate, Localis have produced Manifest Destiny as a shorthand guide to the localist elements of the three main party manifestos.

Focusing on those pledges which directly concern the powers, funding and control of local government, we take the manifestos at face value and lay out what promises are made in five key areas:

  • Devolution & finance
  • Infrastructure & housing
  • Health & social care
  • Transport & clean growth
  • Communities

Rather than budgetary or political scrutiny of the pledges, we hope that this short pamphlet can help localists of all stripes across the country make an informed decision as to what they are voting for.

A full commentary is available from the Localis website.

An edited version of this commentary appears in the Local Government Chronicle (£): Jonathan Werran: What do the manifestos mean for localism?

Download PDF