Levelling Up procurement: using government spend to transform local economic outcomes: Thursday 16th September from 11.00 to 12.00

Defining the good and the useful

The Green Paper for Transforming Public Procurement sets out to promote value and transparency at the expense of red-tape. As key principles of public procurement, value for money, the public good, integrity, efficiency, fair treatment of suppliers, non-discrimination and transparency are to be enshrined in law.

At the level of place, the extent to which an open markets approach can sustain local economies as well as driving up skills levels, boosting local jobs and businesses is open to question.

So we asked in this webinar:

  • How would it be possible and what would be necessary to make the reform of public service commissioning align with the government’s overarching strategy to ‘level up’ opportunities, particularly in left-behind places?
  • Given the need to squeeze the most out of the local pound and spending allocations over the next Spending Review period and drive post-pandemic recovery, how can we challenge government suppliers. For example, is every single penny of local procurement promoting a living wage to get people out of poverty? Are major providers of local services benefiting from procurement helping people and how many apprenticeships are being delivered for every £1m spent on local schemes?
  • What metrics should we look to in assessing any impact on skills, jobs and business growth from changes to procurement practice?
  • Chair: Jonathan Werran, chief executive, Localis

Speakers included:

  • Darren Knowd, Chief Procurement Officer, Durham County Council and chair, National Advisory Group, Local Government Association
  • Jeffrey Matsu, Chief Economist, CIPFA
  • Isabelle Parasram, Chief Executive, Social Value UK
  • Professor Chris White, Director of Industrial Policy and Insight Centre at the MTC, Visiting Professor of Industrial Strategy at Loughborough University

You can see the webinar on YouTube


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