Priming a green recovery – low carbon growth in Nottinghamshire

Work in progress

Priming a green recovery – low carbon growth in Nottinghamshire

Although the Covid-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe stalling economies, incomes and mobility the crisis provides a chance to re-evaluate and re-imagine our collective future.

Despite profound uncertainty about both the course of the pandemic and its long-term ramifications for society, decisions are being taken to address the national social and economic impacts of the crisis.

Similarly, local strategic authorities are faced with tackling the immediate priority of the pandemic while devising stimulus and recovery packages for long-term resilience in an attempt to salvage what remains of 2020 and shape societies and economies for years to come.

With economic recovery comes great opportunity to embrace a low carbon future and refocus on the green economy – an inclusive economy with sustainable systems is in our sights. Local government are beginning to seize this initiative to support the development of a low carbon future across their areas.

With this in mind, Localis is working with Nottinghamshire County Council to produce a low carbon report that will inform the clean growth agenda and future-proof the county and wider East Midlands region.

Nottinghamshire is uniquely positioned to draw on their extensive cross-sector and cross-county partnerships to influence clean growth both across the county and throughout the wider East Midlands region. The county’s historically high local business resilience points to a connected enterprise landscape where innovation is nurtured, thus presenting an exciting and previously untapped opportunity to tackle the “difficult to reduce” yet high growth sectors that dominate the county, to drive employment and sector productivity in a post-Covid future.

We will conduct a series of roundtables with local stakeholders, businesses and leading decarbonisation experts as well as undertaking extensive research and data analysis in an attempt to generate a strategic approach to accelerating clean growth in Nottinghamshire.

In this study, Localis has two research objectives:

  1. Strategy: to identify the key elements in supporting long-term clean growth ambitions for Nottinghamshire and specifically, the immediacy of the CV-19 Recovery Planning;
  2. Sector: to review the sector attributes within the Nottinghamshire economy and how they may be future-proofed to facilitate sustainable growth and maintain competitive advantage

For more information, please contact Localis’s lead clean growth researcher, Grace Newcombe: